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Name:Ms. Zafira Evrianti [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: zafira.services@yahoo.com Y!: zafira.services
Mobile Number:081348053020
Phone Number:0542-7019113
Address:Batu Ampar
Balikpapan 76126, Kalimantan Timur
Untuk hal Pembayaran, Kami menerima pembayaran berupa cash ( tunai) , Invoice per 2 minggu dan Invoice perbulan dengan pembayaran Down Payment ( DP) sebesar 50% di muka. Berikut juga kami turut lampirkan contoh daftar menu yang kami sediakan untuk para pelan
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Registration Date:Jun. 04, 2012
Last Updated:Jun. 04, 2012
Business Nature:Service of Food & Beverage category

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We Specialized in catering services for seven years. located in chicago, we serve not only just but individual companies, including boxed cake catering for formal and informal events. at an affordable price, we believe can be a partner of trust. We will strive to provide quality products and services are supported by trained professionals, we are confident that we can be partners trust. On the following pages we attach our corporate profile, which we hope we can serve the needs of the Catering Company / Institution that Mr / Ms lead and establish a good cooperation.

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